Bio: I enjoy reading so much on the internet about food, travel, dogs, and drinks that I thought maybe I should write about my own experiences. There is already so much out there to read about, but I hope that maybe I can provide my own flavor of blogging that people can enjoy and connect to. First, just a little about myself so perhaps you can understand why I feel there are great experiences in my life to share. I live in San Diego, California currently, but have also lived in Hawaii and Japan. I grew up in central Florida in the country surrounded by orange groves and then in a small beach town called Bradenton (south of Tampa). My family moved to Dallas/ Fort Worth when I was 17 where I spent one year before joining the United States Navy. For the last 13 years I have been traveling around the world performing for audiences as a Navy Musician. It’s a real job, I swear. I play trombone, sing, and am also a sound engineer. I love all sorts of music from classical and jazz to hip hop and rock. I’ve played just about any type of music I can get my hands on and am still always looking for that new piece of music that will bring me that special feeling that you get when you have just discovered something life-changing. I am always searching for that in everything I do actually. There is so much in the world to enjoy. Food is the same as music for your tastebuds. I have had the same mind blowing moments in Tokyo having the most amazing sushi as I have in a concert hearing an artist blow my mind with their music. Life has taken me on a wild journey so far and now I think it is time to share that journey with others. I hope you enjoy my blogs. Mostly, I hope they inspire you to step out of your comfort zone and go find new exciting stuff in life to experience!

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