A Taste of Italy in Summer


Spring has sprung in San Diego and there is nothing like an orangey and light cocktail to entertain with this time of year.  This weekend I had a few friends over for drinks at my place.  I wanted to do something special for my friend who had lived in Italy for a while and was missing his favorite drink while living in Naples.  An Aperol Spritz.


This drink is an herby, orange, and sweet aperitif.   The ingredients are very simple, but the end result is more complex.  If you can’t find Aperol in your local liquor store (I found it at the second Bevmo! I searched) then Campari works very well in this recipe also.  The taste took my friend right back to summers in Italy, and I almost felt like I was there with him listening to his stories.  Here is all you need to make it.


1 Part Aperol

2 Part Prosecco

Splash of Soda Water (optional)

1 Orange slice

Splash of Orange Bitters if using Campari (optional, but will bring it all together)

Put all these ingredients in a cup of your choosing in that order and stir.  What you end up with is a little taste of Italy right in your house.  You can ad to the experience with a little “Italian Cafe” radio playing on Pandora along with some bruschetta to munch on.  Enjoy!!